We are a Class 3 dealer in the Houston area.

We are currently selling new and used guns as we prepare our ammunition formulas. 

Soon we will be starting our Reanimated ammo line.  This is our specialty ammo.  With this line we have spent hours studying how different ammo works in regular guns, but most importantly how it works in NFA/Class III items such as suppressors, machine guns, and short barreled rifles.  This way we can custom make a load that is perfect for any shooting condition and situation.  Our goal is to give you the perfect ammo for various firearms and suppressors.

If you are looking for any specific caliber, grain, velocity, or hard to find cartridge, please let us know and we can try to accommodate.  

You can email us directly at or use our Contact page to send a message through the website.

Ammodillo Munitions, LLC
5223A Newkirk Ln.
Houston, TX 77021